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To say there's a tension in my mind right now regarding this pick would be an understatement...

To say I haven't been influenced by the Voddie Bauchams and Kevin Swansons in the world through all the literature I've read through the years about homeschooling would be untrue...

To say I haven't been influenced by 13 years in the public school system where I was told that I shouldn't be the nurse, I should aspire to be the doctor wouldn't be true either...

Yet, I LIKE Sarah Palin. I admire her tenacity. Her drive. Her decision to carry her baby to term and rejoice over his birth. Her support and love for her daughter who made a wrong choice, yet is redeeming herself by doing the hard, humiliating thing and carrying her baby and marrying her baby's father.

I understand the points being made about Deborah, the passage in Isaiah that talks about women being in leadership as judgement on Israel, about Titus 2:5...

I choose to be a keeper of the home in a narrow sense: I homeschool, I don't work outside this sphere.

But I think the better question among all of us is "What does it mean to be a keeper at home?"

Does it mean you can NEVER under any circumstances work for anyone else? Some would say it does.

Does it mean that your family cannot suffer because of your own ambitions? I think so.

Sarah's husband, Todd, completely supports his wife in her bid for the vice presidency and her job as governor of Alaska. From what I understand, he cares quite a bit for the children, as does their extended family. Is that wrong? She let go the chef because she wanted to cook for her own family. And I'm sure letting go the driver was a bummer considering how kids need to be carted everywhere these days...

If her husband is OK with this, then what right does Voddie Bauchaum have to say on CNN that she's being disobedient to the scriptures when the definition of "keeper at home" is not specific at all?

I just don't know, except that I hope she'll be an advocate for families in the White House.


I just keep thinking "Esther" and "Deborah" and that God appoints rulers and bring them down in His time. I *do* understand your reservations - but if you've seen the 14 minute video of her in her church, the woman Loves Jesus! I think its best we let God move, however that is, and not confine him to a box (cause it's always too small!) love you and hope you and the littlest baby girl are well!

September 12, 2008 at 11:04 AM  

Julie, I have had all those same thoughts. They day the announcement came out, I was holding my tint new grandson, Alexander, and thinking about how small he was and how I could never do what Sarah is doing or has done. But I am not the standard for Sarah and I do not see a woman who has been working long and hard toward this goal. She was called out to do this and be strong pro-life position is once again bringing this most important topic front and center. Sarah Palin, even in her nomination, is already glorifying God!

How is life going for you? You are in my prayers, sister. I will be in a 3 hour lay-over at the Denver airport in a few weeks. Are you nearby?

September 14, 2008 at 5:21 AM  

I've had many of these same thoughts. But like you and the other commenters I think that God is bigger, sees more and knows the heart of Sarah Palin and her family. I don't know who I am going to vote for but I am genuinely impressed with this woman and I look forward to seeing whether she lives out all that she says she believes in. So far, so good! :)

(By the way, I know who I am NOT voting for...O, O...something. :)

September 15, 2008 at 9:10 AM  

Hi! I'm Rachel's cousin and I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for bringing up this issue! I agree with you, Sarah Palin's nomination as John McCain's running mate has given us all a lot to think about. I think there are times in history when God puts women into high positions of civil leadership for a reason. As we've seen from Hillary Clinton's rise to fame, women will be important in the political sphere from here on out, whether conservative Christians like it or not. I mean, she was almost the Democratic nominee! I think it's time that we embrace a woman's place in the leadership of this country, especially since some woman will eventual make it into the White House. I prefer Sarah Palin, pro-life mother of five with a special needs child, to Hillary Clinton.
I recently read through Judges chapter 4, the Deborah passage, and I'm convinced she was appointed by God as a judge of Israel for the same reason male judges were appointed. The bible makes no difference between male and female in the role of a judge. Yes, the nation of Israel was living in sin at the time, but that doesn't mean Deborah was some kind of worse punishment than male judges. They could just as easily be considered "God's judgement" for Israel's sin. In the passage itself there is no indication that Deborah was ONLY chosen as some sort of punishment. Good grief, the woman did amazing things, through God's spirit! I think I'm going to write a blog post about her. I think her life proves that God can INTEND women for civil leadership. She wasn't a priest, which is an expressly spiritual role, but rather a judge. Abiding in the role of civil leadership. Lastly, we are not Israel! We are not a Theocracy in any sense of the word. We are a secular nation (almost pagan). Why shouldn't a woman like Palin, who's husband is fully supportive, dedicate her life to serving God by serving her country? We cannot afford to forfeit women like her in this time. If it's not her, it will be someone much worse next time.
Sorry this is so long, but I'm so passionate about this issue! If we do not take this tide, I feel we will "lose our ventures" (Shakespeare's words).

September 18, 2008 at 6:38 PM  

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