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I realize I've not been terribly articulate lately or attentive for that matter. But my garden is dying, my carpets need vacuuming, my laundry needs putting something has to give and it's usually THIS.

Anyway, I thought this guy was pretty insightful regarding Christians' relationship to Obama, especially since I'd be classified as a "world view" Christian.

Here's the link.

I thought this was a fantastic post. Even though it has to do with children's ministry, the truths apply to all church members.

Here's the link.

Over at Tulipgirl, a website I really, really like, she posted a whole list of helpful articles in dealing with toddlers. I just had to share!

They did it again! I hope these guys become so famous.

Prepare to start your Monday laughing!

I've been laughing my head off looking at all of Terry Border's art at his website. This photo is entitled, "Ending a Dysfunctional Relationship".

It was a difficult decision which photo to share with you to entice you to head on over there, but after a conversation I had recently I thought this one might make a certain someone's day.

1. $10 roll of quarters
2. A small bottle of laundry soap (or some powdered from home in a ziplock bag)
3. A large mesh laundry bag

I've had numerous occasions when I have been so grateful for these three items while on the road with three children, especially the time when sweet baby girl threw up her nasty Casa Bonita food all over her most special pink blanket and car seat.

I was able to pack just 4 or 5 outfits a piece to last us two weeks while on the road this last time because every hotel has a coin laundry and I'd do it after the kids went to bed. Plus, it felt good to come home with more clean clothes than dirty clothes to deal with.

Works for me!

The BBQ Song

In honor of the two weeks I spent in the South, I decided to post the newest Rhett and Link video!

BUT-they totally forgot Kansas City!

I couldn't let Independence Day pass without reminding you of one of my favorite Rhett and Link videos!

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