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I have a new favorite kids' show. I already love most of what PBS Kids produces. I love how you don't have to put up with all the stupid commercials like on Nick Jr. or Disney Channel. Since we have TV now, due to someone's injury a few months ago, I've discovered all kinds of programs out there that really are quality (though I honestly DON'T understand the Hannah Montana obsession).

Sid the Science Kid is a new favorite around here. It's produced by Jim Henson studios and is created using computer animation. The colors are bright and fun, the music is fantastic. It's geared toward preschoolers and helping to develop their interest in science. As a result of the water melting and freezing episode, my five year old became a man obsessed with freezing juice in popsicles and freezing water in plastic cups.

So check your local PBS station to see if they air Sid the Science Kid!

Hey Friends!

My sweet little girl is now one week old and we've been adjusting as best we can. She's not a colicky baby at all, but does love to be held, especially in the middle of the night when her mama would like some blessed sleep.

Her head of dark hair is so soft, her back so furry, her smell so sweet, her hands so tiny, her legs so, uh, "chicken-y" :). She's just a precious, precious girl.

Our 20 month old thinks she's a living, breathing baby doll and tried to body slam her the other day on the couch while I was changing the baby's diaper...

Her older brothers think she's pretty great, too, and beg to hold her (but when told to wash their hands first, decide it's not worth it...stinky little boys!).

Hopefully, I can post a good photo here soon of our new girl. Thanks to all of you who have been checking in on me! I appreciate it :).

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