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The following is from Carolyn Mahaney's Girltalk blog. I think I'm going to get this book for myself. So often I am too familiar with "this marvelous good news", as one of my favorite Sovereign Grace songs goes, called At the Foot of the Cross from the King of Grace album. It's so easy for me to get bogged down in the mundane, everyday things of life and find myself frustrated with one more load of laundry, one more thing to pick up off the floor (not a pretty sight when you're 8 months pregnant)...Maybe meditating more on the gospel is just what I need. My hubby always reminds us at church for every one look at yourself, take ten looks at Christ (I think Robert Murray M'Cheyne or JC Ryle...I don't remember...) but it's so true.

"Have you been encouraged to “Preach the gospel to yourself everyday”? Have you wondered how to do it?

Inspired by my husband’s example, I have desired to grow in this discipline. So for the month of January I decided to suspend my current study of the book of Genesis and to solely study the gospel during my morning devotions. CJ gave me a booklet entitled A Gospel Primer for Christians to aid me in this endeavor. I am finding it so helpful that I simply had to tell you about it!

The first part of the booklet is comprised of “Reasons to Rehearse the Gospel Daily.” The second and third parts of the booklet contain “A Gospel Narrative” written in both a prose and poetic format that facilitates memorization and recitation of the gospel. Though it is a mere seventy-eight pages, this little resource is chock-full of the truths of the gospel and the Scriptures that affirm these truths. It reminds us of the valuable blessings which the gospel can render in our lives if we but preach it to ourselves each day.

The author, Milton Vincent, describes how this discipline has affected his life:

Over the course of time, preaching the gospel to myself every day has made more of a difference in my life than any other discipline I have ever practiced. I find myself sinning less, but just as importantly, I find myself recovering my footing more quickly after sinning, due to the immediate comfort found in the gospel. I have also found that when I am absorbed in the gospel, everything else I am supposed to be toward God and others seems to flow out of me more naturally and passionately. Doing right is not always easy, but it is never more easy than when one is breathing deeply the atmosphere of the gospel.

Need I say more about the powerful impact of this daily habit?

If you would like to obtain this little booklet to help you get started or become better at preaching the gospel to yourself every day, you can download it here, or order it in booklet form by contacting:

Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church,
1363 Linden Street, Riverside, California 92507
(951) 781-8174"


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