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Hiya ladies. I've just found a new "healthy" food that I love! I've had hummus before and didn't think it was all that great. But I picked up some Red Pepper Hummus at our local Kroger store, toasted some whole wheat pitas that I cut into eighths, and WOW.

So my healthy lunch today is:

Julie's Romaine White Bean Salad

two heads romaine hearts, chopped and washed (LOVE my cheapie salad spinner!)
fat free italian dressing or Newman's Own light balsamic vinegrette (how do you spell that???)
1 can great northern beans, rinsed and drained
1 can white tuna, drained
shredded carrots

And toasted pitas and red pepper hummus.

Maybe eating healthy isn't so hard after all...

By the way, a wonderful gal on the forum recommended switching up my work out a bit, so I've added the stair killer, I mean, climber, and running. I'm hoping it's helping me break out of my plateau.

So now the official total of weight loss is: TWENTY POUNDS. It's taken FOREVER, but you must, must, must go slow. I'm totally convinced. Never give up!


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