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The Light Wedge!

Do you like to read in bed when your spouse would like to sleep? Do you find yourself in hotel rooms or tents with children who must must sleep, but you don't want to?

Then the LIGHT WEDGE book light is for you!

I know I sound like an infomercial, but honestly, I've owned the paperback size and the original and both are fantastic. The light doesn't go all over the room like other lights (or flashlights) and it's also a bookmark. When I travel, I ALWAYS bring my Light Wedge. I would have one caution, though, and that is that they are not indestructible so be careful. I cracked the corner off my smaller one. It still works, but is annoying. So just store it in a book or its carrying case.

Timberdoodle, a homeschool resource company (and one of my favorites), has them at a great price.


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