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It all started in the '70s with Roe v. Wade...and people are surprised when it trickles down.

What I'm getting at is how our world devalues children. When it's OK to murder an unborn baby because she's conceived at an inconvenient time, when Peter Singer, the professor of ethics at Princeton, says that a baby is not a human until it can communicate, when children are objectified and exploited, when people see children as a nuisance, then why are we so appalled and shocked when a man fires his gun at a daycare center or when suicide bombers blow up a car full of children? It's just a natural follow-through of their worldview.

God tells us in His Word that children are a blessing and that He had all our days ordained before we were even born. We must be transformed by this truth, and refuse to let the Enemy win this fight for life.

God help us.


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