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What I'm studying...

I've started a Bible study called Victory Over Irritation, Grumpiness, and Anger just on my own. If you've read previous posts, you'll know this is often a problem with me--my own discontentment translates into anger, and that anger is really against God, not against the people I feel have wronged me. So far, it's been excellent. Hubby's been preaching through the Sermon on the Mount and my Bible study mentioned this same passage in Matthew when Jesus says that if you are even angry with someone, you might as well have murdered him. When the same bit of scripture comes up more than once in conversation, maybe God's trying to get through to me? An exercise the author had me do was to read Paul and Silas' account in Acts of being unjustly imprisioned for preaching the gospel and casting a demon out of a slave girl, then to compare my recent episode of anger to that. Does it really matter that my son let the cake fall over when I turned a corner in the car? Not when I look at the scope of eternity. So now my prayer is that I'll actually THINK and REMEMBER these very simple truths in the heat of the moment when I mistakenly think that my anger will improve a situation (it never does).


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