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Last night, our little sweetie pie (the middle one) had the highest fever he's had yet (the highest fever any of my kids have ever had, actually). I was really worried, living so far from the pediatrician and all. Oh, how I prayed. Gave him motrin and tylenol through the night...

And this morning, the fever was gone! He was still weak, but by the evening he was asking for food and teasing his daddy to play some tough.

I'm so thankful that our God is God even in the little things, that He cares for us so tenderly. I know a fever is not uncommon in a child, but anytime someone is sick or something is out of the ordinary around here, it causes a tremendous amount of anxiety within me. I must learn to rest in Christ no matter the outcome.


Praise God! Isn't it a relief for both of you? That moment when the fever breaks and you can rest and begin to feel normal...Blessings to you all!

April 20, 2007 at 3:28 PM  

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