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Girls Need Lunch

I'm absolutely convinced that we pastor's wives need ladies outside our churches to hang out with. I've met a wonderful friend here who will probably never attend our church but who is a Christian. She just blesses me so much. Today, we met for lunch and discovered we have a lot in common and will, hopefully, start doing some playdates with our sons, go workout, maybe even do that Anger Bible study together I mentioned earlier. I don't want to get my hopes up yet, but I gotta tell ya, us girls we NEED to go out to lunch sans kids once in a while!


I have mixed emotions about this subject. I agree that pastor's wives need someone outside their church to hang out with. But I think we should ALWAYS proceed with caution and closely guard what we say. Total honesty has a way of finding its way back home! For me, I do all my grumbling to my husband. To the public, everyone at church is awesome. Another pastor's wife is always nice to visit with (lots in common). Our church body has a retreat once a year for its pastor's wives. Most of the wives really look forward and enjoy this. I attended every year for 4-5 years after we moved here, and finally stopped going. I found that a great majority of pastor's wives were so unhappy. That is just not my life. I'd spend the whole weekend feeling bad for them. I think many had very unrealistic ideas of what life would be like. As a second career man, my husband and I love our life in the church. As his wife, I realize that all careers have inconvenient times and long hours. That's how work is...many of these wives think their husbands should be home all the time. Just different world views I guess. I am blessed to have a great friend married to a pastor in another state to visit with on the phone, and another great friend from our church who lives in another state now. I do grumble a 'little' to her! It's also wonderful for your kids to make new friends. Enjoy!

April 12, 2007 at 10:51 PM  

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