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My Square Foot Garden

I discovered this great book by Mel Bartholomew called The All New Square Foot Gardening Book. Since we live in a place with hard, clay, alkaline soil, this is perfect. I got my husband to build me 4x4 foot boxes with 6" wide lumber. You put these on the ground over weed paper, fill them with perfect soil (1/3 each peat moss, vermiculite, and compost) and plant in square feet rather than rows. It eliminates a lot of the weeds and helps conserve water and time. I can't wait to put out my spinach, radishes and romaine lettuce! The only problem I've encountered is finding the right compost. You need a variety of composts and I've called everywhere to find it. The ideal thing is to make your own, but that takes time and I've already started it but it won't be ready by planting time. Anyway, I love to garden and still feel new at it, so if any of you like it, too, and can share some wisdom, great!


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