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Runner's Knee

You're getting three posts today since my family is down watching a movie, sweet baby girl is hanging out in dad's lap, and I have the MacBook (a.k.a. "my precious"). I really should be going to get ice cube trays to freeze all the baby food I made today, hmmm...maybe I'll do a 4th post on that. Anyway-

I was so excited to be running for the first time in my life when after Tuesday's workout my right knee started to ache and it was difficult going down stairs (a bad thing in a tri-level house!). I got on and discovered I probably have runner's knee, a problem more common in women but common nonetheless. It said I needed to strengthen my quads and hamstrings and possibly wear a knee band when I work out. I gave it until today when I tried running again and my knee just wouldn't take it. I ran for maybe 3 minutes, then switched to the elliptical trainer, which felt fine. I took some advil this morning and it's been feeling better. I still lifted weights, but oh, I want to run like the wind and I can't!

Any of you out there have this happen?


No, I haven't had that problem. But I have been having hip problems. I'm hoping to start running again in a couple of months. Please do knee exercises to strengthen your knees! You don't want to injure your knees beyond repair! Lunges and wall sits and variations of those will be good exercises. Hmmm, I'm trying to think of other exercises we do to get ready for ski season. Biking is also a good alternate exercise - easy on the joints and hills will strengthen your legs and give you a good cardio workout.

September 7, 2007 at 10:23 PM  

yeah, it's pretty common. i would recommend stretching before and after a run. also, strengthening your inner thighs also. you don't actually have any muscles in your knee cap - it's just where all of your muscles meet up so you need to strengthen the muscles that lead to your knees. also - where exactly on your knee does it hurt? to the right? to the left? all over? in the middle? it'll kind of tell you what muscles you need to work on. lastly, think about the shoes you're wearing. most people overpronate - which means that when they strike the ground rather than staying in a straight line - the ankles tend to roll in. so you'll need to find out if you're wearing the right shoes (depending on how much stability you need, if you need any at all). check out your local running store - not the conglomerates - but your local boutique store and ask if they do a gait analysis. they should be able to help you get the right shoes :) hope this helps!

September 8, 2007 at 12:21 PM  

thanks guys! my knee is hurting on the inside, to the point it's hard to bend it and put on pants! i wish i had a place i could go for shoes, but we honestly live 5 hours from the nearest BIG city that would have something like that. my friend's sister is an atheletic trainer and she said to stretch it, vary my work outs, and ice it after i use it, but to still exercise. so today i'm going to go give it a try. i can feel almost normal if i take advil, but i'm still nursing and don't want to be pumping my body full of medicine.

thanks for all your suggestions!

September 13, 2007 at 7:22 AM  

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