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This has been tough for me recently, even before my 3rd baby came. I know that as the pastor's wife I'm suppose to have this part of my life "together", but I feel so distracted by chores, the kids, the computer...I don't want to be legalistic about it all--I know that my standing before God is not dependent on if I read my Bible or not, but on my faith in the living Christ who bore the punishment for my sin...any ideas? Any great devotional materials that have helped you??


Hi Julie,

When I was a new mom, 4 times over, I could not have a consistent devotional time. I think God understands that. In the Law even, He required the men to have their daily prayer times, but He did not require it of the women....I think it was because women have so much on their plate raising the children and cannot set aside a certain time several times a day because kids can't wait! A Jewish woman explained that to me last year and I have to admit, it makes a lot of sense. It was very merciful of God to let women off that hook. It helped to ease some of the guilt I carried from that time and now too when I miss my devotions because of busyness.

In the moments when you rock your new baby in the night and sing worship songs or pray, He treasures that time with you.

I have not used a devotional guide in a few years. I decided I wanted to know the Bible more intimately and began reading through books of the Bible. (instead of getting 'snippets' from all over the Bible from devotional guides) I've been in Psalms now for over a year and know it much better than I did before. I also like to read through one of the Gospels during Easter season, especially the passages and stories about the week before Christ died, from Palm Sunday on.

March 4, 2007 at 3:57 PM  

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