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Why Homeschool?

I won't restate what a lot of others have said much better than I ever could, but a gal on the forum posed a question about the pluses and minuses of homeschooling, and I thought that might make a useful post, especially from someone like me who doesn't believe in sugar-coating it.

you can teach them from a Christian worldview
you're the primary influence in your child's life
you're able to get to know them best
you're able to learn stuff you should have learned in school again!
your kids get to spend time with their siblings (which in theory should strengthen their relationship)
you can tailor their education to their particular style of learning
you can set the pace, moving slowly through difficult concepts and quickly through easy ones
you can do field trips with other homeschoolers (if you're lucky enough to have some nearby!)

your house isn't as clean as it could be
you don't have as much time by yourself (on duty 24/7)
you might miss out on extra curricular activities (in our state, we can still participate)
your smaller kids don't get as much attention as you're schooling the older ones


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