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Family Devotions

We have tried this, then stopped, tried again, then stopped. We have lots of good ideas and great intentions, most notably doing our Truth and Grace Memory System from the Founders Press ( and reading Catherine Vos' beautiful written The Child's Story Bible with the children. We've tried doing it before bed, at the breakfast table, at the lunch hour...nothing is consistent. I know that family devotions are not a "magic bullet" for well-behaved children and personal spiritual growth (of course, I know they help...), but I so want to do them. I also don't want to nag my husband about it, either, but as I get to feeling despondent about the health of the church, I want to pour a love for Christ into my children even more.

I need thoughts, ideas, comments, experiences! Bring it on!


We found that we were the most consistent with devotions for the kids before bedtime...

We would read a bible story and then talk about it with them. Then we prayed for them and then one of us would say the priestly blessing over them (may the Lord bless you and keep you etc.)

June 23, 2007 at 2:06 AM  

When our kids were little, we used an awesome book published by CPH (I think) called Little Visits with God. They also have Little Visits For Families, Little Visits for Children, etc...There is a short bible verse, a real life story, and some suggested discussion questions, we followed up with a verse of a hymn, and prayer. We did this with the kids tucked in their beds (they shared a room) and lights out when we're done. No we have a different system. Lutherans have a little publication, Portals of Prayer, which comes out quarterly and has 2 scripture readings, a short devotion, and prayer. Jacob and I do this at breakfast - he reads the scripture and I read the devotion. After dinner while we're still at the table, we used another daily devotion book, again Jacob reads the scripture, and my hubby reads the devotion and offers prayer and blessings at the end and we close with the Lords Prayer. This works for us - doesn't take a lot of time, and is easy to fit into a busy family schedule with a teenager. Keep trying, if you miss a day, just pick up next time, it's important that this is a relaxing time with open relaxed conversation, not a stressed out thing to be completed.

June 23, 2007 at 9:03 AM  

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