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Personal Devotions

This has been so difficult lately. I've decided to put the breaks on the Anger study I was doing and go back to the basics.

About four or five years ago I was very convicted that I had never read the Bible in its entirety. There were unfamiliar Old Testament books I had never even glanced at. I have a good friend, as you know, who is a devout Muslim and she knows her Koran backwards and forwards, and here I was, a child of the true and Living God, and there were portions of His letter to us that I didn't even know! So I got started with books I had never read before.

Since the order of scripture is not necessarily inspired, it didn't matter much to me how I read the different books, but I started in the Old Testament since I had read the New Testament completely. I put a little mark in my table of contents after I'd finished a book.

I read the entire Bible in a little over a year. I have since done one other one year Bible plan, so in total I've read through the entire thing twice.

Now I'm going to try for three times. It doesn't matter how long it takes me, I'm just going to pick a book and read it like I did the first time. It's very easy for me to get bogged down in studies and reading what other people wrote, so we'll see how this works.

I am going to start looking at a study soon for our ladies' Bible study in the fall called Seeking Him by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It deals with personal revival, and we all know how much I NEED THAT.


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