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Religious vs. Spiritual

I can't hyperlink in blogger from my mac, but if you get on and go to the videos, click on the clip about this subject. A woman from Fox News asked people on the street if they were religious or spiritual. It was amazing to me how many people could really not articulate ANY religious/spiritual viewpoint. At all.

One woman did make the "all gods are the same god" argument, but the majority of the folks were dumbfounded. They might answer one or the other, but when the newsperson asked, "How so?" They couldn't explain.

It seems God isn't even on anyone's radar screen on the streets of New York City. I've found that many of my conversations with people who aren't Christians never move from the mundane everyday stuff to the spiritual. That's a huge jump. I think it's because everyone is distracted by the world, meaning if they stay busy enough then they won't have to think about deep things.



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