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Jennie Bishop

Many of you might be familiar with Jennie Bishop's books. She's written two for children about keeping your heart pure. Since we have two boys, we have read The Squire and the Scroll many times. Written as a parable of a Christian's journey, it follows the story of a young man whose parents taught him the value of the Scroll (the Bible) in keeping his heart pure. He battles temptations as he seeks the Lantern of Purest Light to save his kingdom from darkness, and in the end is victorious and blessed because he has kept his heart pure.

Bishop's first book was The Princess and the Kiss and on her website, she describes how it came about:

"The Princess and the Kiss was written after Jennie’s daughter came home with a story of how all her girlfriends had boyfriends—in kindergarten. Realizing that she couldn’t wait for a “big talk” in the teen years, Jennie asked God to help her find an age-appropriate way to teach young children about purity and the importance of 'saving themselves for marriage.'

The unexpected grassroots response to The Princess and The Kiss catapulted Bishop into a speaking and conference ministry to bring the message of biblical purity to children and parents alike. The Princess and The Kiss was followed by a companion devotional book for mothers and daughters. Then a similar book for boys, The Squire and the Scroll, followed, and so did another companion devotional."

Jennie continues to write books that celebrate purity, marriage and family and to speak internationally on the subject. She is a frequent speaker at parent/child banquets, churches, crisis pregnancy gatherings and AIDS events.

Her other books include The Crayon Kingdom, Jesus Must Be Really Special, and The Garden Wall.


I've gotta get some of these! They look great, thanks!!

July 21, 2007 at 10:36 PM  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books. We came across the Princess a few years ago and have been reading it to our kids all along. We had some college students housesitting for us one time, and all the college aged girls just ooohed and aaahed over it - they thought it was perfect and that they wished they had something like that when they were little.

Then the Squire came along, and it's just awesome for the guys, too. GREAT stuff!!!

July 25, 2007 at 10:39 AM  

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