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John R. Erickson

This author is for all you Texans out there--I know you folks are brainwashed from a young age with Texas pride, (I hope you can see me smiling!) so you'll just love these Hank the Cow Dog books by former cowboy and theologian John R. Erickson.

I like to call these books the Don Quioxte of kids' literature. If you remember, Don Quioxte thought he was a very important and valiant knight, when in reality he was a deluded peasant riding a rather lame horse through the countryside performing "noble" deeds.

Well, Hank thinks he's "head of ranch security" and that his position is respected and terribly important to the safety of the cows, chickens, and Little Alfred, the rancher's young son. He can't seem to understand why Sally Mae, the rancher's wife, gets so mad at him for digging in her garden or eating something she's set out to cool, why the cowhands aren't more thankful for all he's done.

My 7 year old was on a Hank binge for the last six months and made it all the way to number 27 (there are close to 50 now in the series). He would just be reading and start laughing. When I read them, I noticed lots of dry humor and sarcasm that he didn't get yet, but I've been told by other moms that their their teenaged sons pick them up again and reread them, laughing all the way.

These are great to read aloud, too, to your younger kids, too. I'm thinking I might just buy the entire set, but most libraries do have them.

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Love, love, LOVE Hank the Cowdog (our Austailian Shephard's name is Hank). As a 4th-5th grade teacher, these are class favorites. Our local paper prints them a chapter a week in the paper on Mondays.

July 14, 2007 at 11:50 AM  

My son is a huge Hank the Cowdog fan!

July 16, 2007 at 10:04 AM  

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