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Max Lucado

This guy is pretty familiar to most people in Christian circles. I've not read much of his adult literature, but I just love his kids stuff.

We brought two of his books with us, Small Gifts in God's Hands and With You All the Way.

Small Gifts is about the little boy (Lucado names him Elijah), who gives Jesus the fish and bread he needs to feed thousands of people. Elijah in the story is the disciple Peter's nephew. I love how Lucado expounds on a familiar story and gives it some creative twists without changing the meaning at all. He makes you start to imagine more vividly the lives of Biblical characters.

The illustrator of this particular book has painted the most beautiful pictures. While some folks have problems with pictures of Jesus, Cheri Bladholm makes His eyes full of love and strength in a way that makes you wonder what He'll really look like when we get to heaven.

Lucado also intersperses other stories from the Gospels, like Peter catching a boatload of fish, the friends of the lame man lowering him into a house for Jesus to heal, the woman covering Jesus' feet with expensive perfume, Jesus healing the sick, and finally, closing with the little boy, Elijah, his cousin Aaron, and the apostle Peter watching Jesus pay the ultimate price for sin on the cross.

I bought this book for 50 cents at a garage sale and it's been one of my favorite children's Bible storybooks ever.

Another book we brought is called With You All the Way, also by Lucado, and illustrated by Chuck Gillies. It's more of a fairy tale. Without spoiling the ending, it tells the story of three knights all vying for the hand of the king's daughter. Each one must make it through a dark, dangerous forest and can choose one person as his companion. I'll leave it at that! Just know it's a fabulous book!

Lucado has also writen a series about the Wemmicks, little wooden creatures who learn all kinds of important lessons from their Maker.

Because I Love You is another favorite. A curious little boy learns just how much his father loves him. My boys really enjoy this one. Again, the illustrations are just gorgeous.

He has a whole series called Hermie and Friends, both books and videos. I've only seen one of the videos, but anything with Vicki Lawerance has to be good, in my opinion. She's hilarious.

I know Lucado is a prolific writer of adult, teen, and children's books. And while I don't always agree with all his theology, I think, for the most part, his books, especially for children, are helpful and fun to read.

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