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Mt. Elbert

Well, my hubby and my oldest sweetie pie climbed the tallest mountain in Colorado. Now they're on the road again, 12 hours after they started, and my poor son is sleeping in the back, blisters on his feet, hasn't eaten, needs water...I'm worried about him, so if you could, pray for him. He did an amazing thing today with his dad. They're stopping at a hotel tonight and then will come home tomorrow. I'm sure he'll post about it soon.

Update: My big boy is feeling better. He's eating, slept a little, and doing OK! I'm looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. They weren't suppose to be gone two nights. Hubby told me he said something funny, though. At the end of the climb my poor, pathetic 7 year old says, "Elbert's BEATEN me!"

On contraire, little man. YOU'RE THE BEST! I'll be sure to post a shot of my FIRST sweetie pie on his first 14er soon! WAY TO GO!


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