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The following is from a treasured friend, whose husband has been in the ministry about as long as we have. They are dear, dear folks. I think you'll be blessed by the insights she shared in an email to a friend recently. I've posted it exactly as she wrote it, with her permission:

My friend reccommended a great webblog called and I was reading it and then listening to
her podcast last night about a homeschool mom whose husband was diagnosed with cancer in Nov. 04 and died in July 05. She spoke of God's faithfulness to her and also of all the things she did not realize her husband took care of for her while he was still living.

Anyhow, if you get a chance to read or listen to her webblog it is the podcast on May 11 (the 3rd part of an interview with Joy Nuesken).

My husband is a pastor and it sure made me think of his message on Sunday from Genesis 23 about Sarah's death. His main point was that life is temporary and we should live for eternity. We do this by pursuing holiness ("for without holiness no one can see the Lord") and we pursue holiness by trusting fully in Christ and obeying him. We know that we are believers if we love God, love other believers, and we obey God's commands. We cannot obey perfectly and that is why we must trust in
Christ who did obey perfectly.

The reason I got up this morning and sent you this e-mail was because I was laying in bed thinking how that we, as women and managers of our homes, should prepare some kind of list that details the things that we do each day so that if we ever have an absence from our family, for whatever reason, our husbands and children would know what to do. We are called to be their "help mates" and this is one way we could help them. Just a thought!


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