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Quiet Time

I was able to have a few hours of two kids napping at once and one out birding with his dad (birding is the en vogue term for bird watching...a new phenomenon around this house) at the river. So I got to read my Bible, pray, and sing with no one listening. It was refreshing. It helped me to carry my burdens to the Lord, burdens of church, of life in the ministry (as the unpaid other half). I love Keith Getty's and Stuart Townend's music. I sang the song "Jesus is Lord" and it fed my soul. Here's a snippet of the song (you can long onto for more info about their music):

"Jesus is Lord" the cry that echoes through creation; Resplendent pow'r, eternal Word, our Rock.
The Son of God, the King whose glory fills the heavens, yet bids us come to taste this Living Bread.

"Jesus is Lord" whose voice sustains the stars and planets, yet in His wisdom laid aside His crown.
Jesus the Man, who washed our feed, who bore our suffering, became a curse to bring salvation's plan.

So rich, so meaningful--a song that SAYS something. Jesus is Lord--all of creation is longing for His return, groaning in anticipation of everything made right again. Power, eternal, our Rock. These huge cosmic concepts, yet we can come and taste the Living Bread and drink the Living Water.

Majestic, our Sustainer. He who has the nations on His shoulders also has borne our sin...these mind boggling truths are what set Christianity apart from all other religions. Our gracious God-Man, Christ, paying our debt, freely. *sigh* Just rest in that. Rest in that.


Isn't it a blessing to have a small moment of time to yourself to relax, reflect, and recover? Those moments are so rare, especially for mothers with young (and not so young) children. What an awesome husband to take your oldest out for some one-to-one time and give you this time.

May 25, 2007 at 6:32 PM  

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